The photos are for the Certification Ceremony at the University of Limpopo, Turfloop Graduate School of Leadership on the 30th May 2015.

Certificates were given to managers who graduated in 3 programmes:

1. Management Development Programme

2.Senior Management Programme

3.Executive Management Programme  

Work Placement

Students are placed with employers on completion of the work readiness programme.Clear programme details and role expectations and a reporting system are outlined for this part of the training.


 The Pipeline to a Prepared Workforce Employers need employees with soft skills- that is, young people who know the importance of coming to work on time, every day. Who understand teamwork; communicate effectively; and provide excellent customer service. We provide skills to young people to become effective employees.

This course is for any learner who needs to prepare for the world of work in terms of career opportunities and to find employment. It also prepares the learner for self-employment through small business start-ups. A learner will be able to:

 • Demonstrate the ability to apply for   employment.

• Explore work opportunities in the formal   and informal sectors of the economy.

• Demonstrate the qualities of a good   employee.

• Identify opportunities for     self-employment using the skills they   have acquired in the  vocational    colleges.

The Workplace Mentors Programme

 The Workplace Mentors Programme equips workplace mentors with knowledge, skills and competencies to effectively equip colleagues in the workplace with the desired attitudes and skills that enhance workplace performance and creates winning teams in the organisation.

It also equips supervisors of trainee artisans with clear guidelines on how to mentor young artisans to become competent professionals that will contribute to the economic development of the country.