The Second Chance Foundation is a non-governmental organisation based in Protea Ridge, Johannesburg. Founded in 2010 , the primary purpose of this  the organisation is to offer comprehensive and holistic approaches to the development of youth in South Africa , particularly in the area of preparation for the world of work ,skills training and work placement .The plight of unemployed young people in South Africa has become a national problem that requires immediate attention. There is an urgent need to absorb the increasing number of youth who have not had the opportunity to obtain enrolment in universities. The need to rapidly expand vocational training opportunities and programmes to increase the output in terms numbers and quality of skilled youth who are employable cannot be overemphasized

There is a need to create employment opportunities and to develop entrepreneurial skills in young people who have not progressed to tertiary institutions in South Africa in order to enable them, to become self- sustaining, independent citizens .This means giving a second chance to young people , who have not , up to this time benefited from existing training opportunities and have not acquired a formal qualification or skill in any area that would increase their chances of obtaining employment .This literally means taking the youth , males and females, off the streets to give them skills, create the hope for a better future by creating clear pathways as to how they can obtain a skill , be assisted in work placement and be motivated towards lifelong learning .

It also means creating opportunities for youth in training, such as those in FET Colleges to be better acquainted with the world of work, to develop cutting edge work readiness skills in order to enhance their employment chances on completion of their studies.

Second Chance Foundation also focuses on strengthening the capacity of women, another vulnerable groups in South Africa, to become wholesome successful individuals in society .This is achieved through skills training and leadership programmes.