We provide intensive enrichment and development programmes for parolees and probationers for the world of work and the business environment and for successful social reintegration. 




BUSINESS UNITS: Mzansi Entrepreneurs

Business knowledge and start up kits are provided to parolees and those on probation .The first step includes assessment of prior learning, skills and orientation of the individual. The results obtained inform the next step- which could be the perfection of existing skills, learning of a new skill, or the introduction to entrepreurship courses.

Types of Business Units

Training is provided on a variety of business options, with a focus on those that have great demand and a large customer base. Examples include the following:


Parolees and probationers receive the following:

  • Personal development programme to propel them towards the realization that they can make the decision to become Skilled and Able individuals who are capable of making a living to sustain themselves.
  • Training in the manufacturing process used in paint making
  • Training on how to make the paint, how to paint houses /residential and industrial areas, and   also, how to sell the paint that has been manufactured.



1. To equip parolees and probationers with basic skills in the electrical trade.

1.Learners  apply basic knowledge in electrical appliances using basic electrical trade theory

2: Safety and basic hand tools in the electrical trade. Electrical circuits

3.Learners identify specific electrical appliances and practical competencies in  the trade

4. Learners to focus on basic maintenance and repair of household electrical appliances-stoves, electric irons, fridges.


Second Chance Foundation has identified business opportunities to train parolees and probationers. These include:

  • Toilet roll making
  • Business and Invitation cards
  • Fruit and vegetable drying
  • Tyre Changing
  • Printing
  • Key Cutting



The centre provides a full range of services that translate to income generation skills for parolees and probationers. These include commercial and industrial cleaning, office cleaning, house cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Gardening services are provided to schools, Government departments, Corporates, Police stations.

The multipurpose centre embraces service type businesses such as electrical trades, plumbing, welding, maintenance work and other technical fields and also product type business such as toilet roll and furniture making. Incumbents sell their skills to generate an income and they become ultimately self-sustaining. This plays a significant role in the reduction of crime through re-offending.