We provide leadership training for senior managers in Corporates, Government Departments, TVET Colleges and Universities.

We provide capacity building and skills development for Management in Correctional services through the provision of the latest models and world trends in Corrections. 


The transformational leadership programme aims to transform leadership in TVET and to strengthen leadership capacity and the professional competence of leaders in these institutions.

Through this course, managers in FET/TVET institutions in South Africa are equipped with a clear definition of their roles, the strategic alignment of their contributions as well as the necessary business acumen, leadership competencies and energy to take their organisations to new levels of performance and competitiveness. It is a transformation that incorporates both the enhancement of leadership and managerial competence of existing middle and senior managers and the identification of younger staff members who demonstrate some potential to move into managerial roles.

The ultimate goal of this programme is to produce “leaders with impact”.  It does not simply provide knowledge but is designed and structured to develop skills and qualities that enable participants to apply what they have learned back at work and to improve individual as well as organisational performance.

The programme has the following outcomes: 

  • Developing the ability of managers to operationalize strategy and understand the manager’s role in achieving this.
  • Developing business acumen skills including finance, human resource, marketing and customer relationship management, project management, brand management, market knowledge and strategy implementation to achieve   the business objectives of a TVET institution.
  • Developing leadership and people management skills, as well as skills in the areas of leading self, project management, communication, brand management and change management.
  • Appreciating the competitive, environmental and transformational challenges that face South African TVET Colleges.
  • Developing both the administrative and academic competence of TVET managers.



The programme is a partnership between Second Chance S.A.Foundation and the University of Limpopo, Turfloop Graduate School of Leadership. It is a powerful combination of Coursework in the form of lectures delivered by expert facilitators from the Turfloop Graduate School of Leadership, and high impact executive mentoring seminars facilitated by the Second Chance SA Foundation.

 Managers are taken from all the TVET Colleges in South Africa and trained in the Transformational Leadership Programme.

The course leads to a full qualification- A Management Development Certificate aligned at NQF level 6.It is a 6 months programme with block teaching contact sessions and mentoring seminars on weekends.

It is a selection of themes in critical areas of institutional management that place practising managers at the cutting edge of transformative leadership ability in TVET Colleges. Candidates who are not yet managers also gain the confidence that enables them to apply for leadership positions in their institutions where they will be viewed as prospective candidates in preparation for succession arrangements. 

The programme content includes the following:

  •  Coursework modules which  include contact sessions     
  • Executive mentoring sessions: High impact seminar sessions                                                            

Participants receive an accredited certificate at NQF 6 level with a total of 24 credits.

Transformational Leadership for Women Managers in FET Colleges:

NorthWest Province 2013-2014

Description: F:ODWA DOCSPicturesConference PhotosDSCN1354.JPG

Seminar with Michelle Van Tonder

Description: F:ODWA DOCSPicturesConference PhotosDSCN1397.JPG

Completion of Programme: Photo with Dr Zodwa Magwenzi( CEO ) and Michelle Van Tonder ( Facilitator ) centre left and right

Transformational Leadership for Managers in FET Colleges: Limpopo

Province 2014

Description: F:2nd Chance2nd ChanceSCF & LIMPOPOTL 2014 1st SessionPhotosIMG_0027.JPG

Seminar with TVET Collage Manager  Limpopo managers August 2013 

Description: F:2nd Chance2nd ChanceSCF & LIMPOPOTL 2014 1st SessionPhotosIMG_0043.JPG                     

Group photo with Dr Zodwa Magwenzi and Ms Julian Khala



The photos are for the Certification Ceremony at the University of Limpopo, Turfloop Graduate School of Leadership on the 30th May 2015.

Certificates were given to managers who graduated in 3 programmes:

1. Management Development Programme

2.Senior Management Programme

3.Executive Management Programme