Work Readiness and Placement

In this programme, we aim to achieve the following objectives:

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  • To produce well rounded individuals who not only have the basic skill in a craft or trade, but are holistically developed for work
  • To provide an intensive enrichment and development programme that provides youth with requisite preparation for the world of work and the business environment
  • To provide opportunities for placement during experiential learning, and also opportunities for interviews with prospective employers and permanent placement


Workplace Mentors for Trainee Artisans 

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To ensure that students on vocational training  gain the most from their internships and practical training,  we offer a training programme for Workplace Mentors. This programme is in the form of seminars and interactive workshops for mentors who are supervising interns in the artisan fields. The purpose of the programme is to offer best practice models in the field of mentoring , and establish structure and systems for effective mentoring of intern artisans in order to improve the quality of the future workforce of South Africa. On completion of the short programme, we share our findings and recommendations with all organisations who participate in the training. We also produce a mentoring toolkit for each participating organisation.

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The programme  includes the following themes:

  • Role of the mentor and mentee. Qualities of a successful mentor
  • Mentoring methodology-Steps and processes for effective mentoring
  • Models of mentoring for the technical sector
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • The benefits of mentoring

 Our goal is to produce well rounded skilled youth who not only have the basic skills in a craft or trade, but are holistically developed for work readiness. Empowering youth to take control of their lives through skills development and entrepreneurship training

Skills and Entrepreneurship for Unemployed Youth

The creation of an entrepreneurial mindset in young people in the face of rising unemployment is the way to a sustainable economic future, not only for South Africa, but for the whole of Africa. 

This programme is aimed at facilitating and supporting unemployed youth  by developing basic skills in welding, plumbing and electrical fields .Unemployed youth receive  training in welding, plumbing and electrical fields enable them to repair appliances in these fields. After the initial training in their trades, they are provided with skills on starting a small business in the repair and maintenance of household appliances in the three fields. Follow up support and training is provided when initial start-up has been achieved by each participant.

This drive creates options for young people who have not had an opportunity for tertiary education and paves the way for them to become self-sustaining, independent citizens. Taking the youth , males and females, off the streets to give them a skill, creates hope for a better future in our young people and inspires them to obtain a skill and earn an income out of a small business that they would have created .

 Critical Objectives.


1. To produce well rounded individuals who not only have the basic skills in a craft or trade, but are holistically developed for entrepreneurship.  

2. To train three groups of unemployed young people in the basic levels of the following trades

  • Electrical trade
  • Welding trade
  • Plumbing

3 .To provide additional training in starting a small business in the stated trades in order for these young people to apply skills learnt in starting income generating businesses in the maintenance and repair of home appliances in the electrical, welding and plumbing fields.



AT CRADLE LODGE , PROTEA  RIDGE   near the world class heritage site known as the CRADLE OF MANKIND on the outskirts of JOHANNESBURG.

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  • The programme is a wake up call for young people to take stock of their lives and engage in a critical examination of where they  are coming from , where they are now ,  and the outlook for the  future .    
  • Participants reflect on their current reality and are inspired to practically  prepare vision and goals for the future , and steps towards  a desired end .
  • It motivates youth with leadership potential to strive to attain qualities that  prepare them for world-class leadership

A high impact programme that  focuses  on a holistic development of the individual as a person  and also  an effective  leader:

  • Developing the young person as a leader
  • Working on prerequisites that impact on ones success to lead others- self mastery and self management , personal development 


Outcomes of the Transformational Leadership Programme:

  • The programme sharpens’ the young person’s vision and  outlines their future as a leader
  • It strengthens their self awareness and self management and assists them to become competent at decision making
  • Young people gain an honest picture of your strengths and developmental needs


Outcomes of the Transformational Leadership Seminars:

  • This enables them to determine priorities and make new choices in critical areas of their life- i.e. their academic journey , career choices and other significant life choices .
  • Each young leader finally prepares a plan that presents a picture of  themselves in the future and milestones towards the desired end –a useful tool that will serve them well at this critical time in their life.


Introduction to leadership

What is leadership?

Self mastery and personal development

Understanding who you are   - self discovery
Vision/ Finding your purpose /Discover your voice and your cause
Mapping the quality of your life  - Making effective decisions/ Priorities in life
Managing personal finances
Time management
Managing  your  significant relationships 

Leadership and Teamwork

Key principles around leading people

Project management

Substance abuse and dependency

Sexuality and sexually transmitted infections

The great leader in you

The time to develop yourself to make an impact is now



 Young People in their final years of high school education  will empower themselves for the future

Parents will appreciate a transformed , more focused young person in their home and lives .

The programme is part of an exciting fun and educational tour to South Africa for international  students   aged  15- 24

FIRST SESSION IN APRIL 2015 AT CRADLE LODGE , PROTEA  RIDGE   near the world class heritage site known as the CRADLE OF MANKIND on the outskirts of    JOHANNESBURG.